An interesting 2022 so far

January this year, I was working as a Quality Management Systems (QMS) Manager in a local company engaged in the feeds industry. Note that I’ve been a Quality Professional (ISO 9001) for over 5 years.

Then around June 2022, I received a job offer to work in an American firm as a Copywriter.

Did I accept the job offer?

Yes, I did. But honestly, I was hesitant at first.

Because I loved what I do: establishing and improving processes and systems.

Also, I have personally invested in my own education and getting certified as an IRCA auditor, as a Kaizen Professional — and completed studies from MIT and AIM on Innovation.

Why did I accept the job as a copywriter when I invested so much in a QMS career?

Well, for one, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. =)

And second, I always loved to write (next to reading and learning).

Lastly, it was an opportunity to work again with some close friends in the past.

So I thought, it was a smart move. My wife thinks otherwise, but that’s a story for another day. =)

Relearning the art of writing

Now, I’m back to reviewing and relearning writing, advertising and marketing. So books by David Ogilvy, Drayton Bird and Seth Godin are scattered around the house.

Breakthrough Advertising Book

I always like to polish the skills needed for me to deliver a good job, so I make it a point to continually sharpen my saw.

What happens to QMS, Lean and Six Sigma?

These are still subjects I have interests in — but these will need to take a back seat for a while.

But we’ll see.

I always believe God brings us to opportunities and situations where we’re needed to be — either to learn a lesson, or make an impact in another person’s life (or both).

And right now, here is where God has brought me.

The Future Me: Writer or Quality Professional?

Who knows? Who can tell?

I will take God’s cue — and follow where He leads me.

But right now, I will continue to write, happily.


Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

A beautiful short story:

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

There was once a farmer who owned a horse and had a son.

One day, his horse ran away. The neighbors came to express their concern: “Oh, that’s too bad. How are you going to work the fields now?” The farmer replied: “Good thing, Bad thing, Who knows?”

In a few days, his horse came back and brought another horse with her. Now, the neighbors were glad: “Oh, how lucky! Now you can do twice as much work as before!” The farmer replied: “Good thing, Bad thing, Who knows?”

The next day, the farmer’s son fell off the new horse and broke his leg. The neighbors were concerned again: “Now that he is incapacitated, he can’t help you around, that’s too bad.” The farmer replied: “Good thing, Bad thing, Who knows?”

Soon, the news came that a war broke out, and all the young men were required to join the army. The villagers were sad because they knew that many of the young men will not come back. The farmer’s son could not be drafted because of his broken leg. His neighbors were envious: “How lucky! You get to keep your only son.” The farmer replied: “Good thing, Bad thing, Who knows?”

On Life

On One’s Purpose In Life…